Night Nanny

How a Night Nanny Can Help You

After going through the intensity of labor, what you really need is rest — and a lot of it. Your body needs that time to heal and recuperate. Rest and sleep can prove difficult, though, when you have a brand-new bundle of joy waking up to eat every hour or two.

The trouble is that though your little one needs to eat, you still need to rest. A night nanny can help ensure both happen.

A night nanny is available for feedings, diaper changes, crying spells, and other baby tasks while you get a great night’s sleep. If you are nursing, the nanny will bring the baby to you. Otherwise, she’ll bottle feed the baby, leaving you in dreamland for as long as possible.

Having a night nanny can be essential to both you and your baby’s health and wellbeing after coming home from the hospital. Contact us to learn more about our overnight services.