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11 Perfect Presents for New Parents

What to get the new parents on your list this holiday season?? Here are 11 great ideas. (Read to the end because #11 is our favorite!!)

#1 Diapers and wipes. This is something parents can never have enough of with a new baby. Consider getting bigger sizes that they can stash for the future.

#2 A Water bottle. Hydration is key for a new momma. A great water bottle can help her drink all the water she needs.

#3 Coffee maker. Mom and dad would enjoy this as they negotiate their new sleep schedule.

#4 Meals and restaurant gift cards. Meal planning and prep can fall by the wayside when a new baby is in the house. Meals and gift cards are a tremendous help!

#5 Essential groceries. Beyond a meal, getting essentials for parents (think milk, eggs, bread, fruit, paper towels, toilet paper, etc) keeps them from having to make those “quick trips” to the store. You could even ask them for a grocery list!

#6 Milestone mat. These are a great way for parents to mark the passing months. (We like this one from Crate and Kids.)

#7 Comfy robe, pjs, or slippers. Because parents might be in their robe, pjs, and slippers a little more than usual . . .

#8 A journal. Lots of parents like to write about their baby's “firsts” or their own thoughts and feelings during this new season. Give them a handsome journal to record it all.

#9 Noise-Canceling headphones. For when someone else is on baby duty.

#10 Audible Subscription. Help mom and dad with hands-free reading by giving a gift of audio books.

#11 POSTPARTUM DOULA! Gifting the services and support of a doulas can help a family with every aspect of bringing a newborn home and starting this beautiful new season.

Tennessee Family Doulas offers postpartum support in the form of in-home and overnight care for moms and newborns. Our support is tailored for each family but typically includes feeding support, newborn comfort techniques, birth recovery support, sleep support, meal preparation, sibling care, and light household support! A doula is a wonderful gift you can give new parents!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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