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And while your body will likely do it without much support from your mind or heart, having a clear mind, equipped with vast knowledge and a heart full of personal philosophy will enhance your experience exponentially.

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The world of childbirth education is a complicated one, and we’ve never met a pregnant couple who had the time or patience to sort through it all! Each class offered comes with an agenda or philosophy and we know that our clients Just. Want. The. Facts!


At first glance, it seems like a hospital based childbirth education course makes sense. Hospitals know birth. They experience it from a medical mindset and they teach childbirth classes based on that approach.

But we know that there is more to it than meets the eye. We know that you have your own approach and that you’d like to experience birth the way it makes sense to you.

  • You see, we’re doulas. We live and breathe evidence based educational, physical and emotional support and our childbirth education classes reflect that. 

  • You see, we know that you are driven by personal motives and we encourage you to allow your birth and parenting experience to reflect that. 

  • You see, we recognize that you are individuals and that your birth is unique to YOU.

And for these reasons, we proudly offer Tennessee Family Doulas Childbirth Education Class 

Prepared Childbirth (the uncensored version)

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Our comprehensive, interactive childbirth class breaks down all of your options, comfort measures and potential interventions with 3 simple questions.


  • How will it happen?

  • When might it happen?

  • Why is it happening?

With the answers to these 3 simple questions, our attendees leave feeling motivated and empowered to make decisions about the birth experience they wish to have. 


They leave knowing the facts and prepared to incorporate their choices into their plan!

If you are ready for just the facts and want to know all of your options regarding birth and early parenting, register now for a Tennessee Family Doulas CBE class!

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