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6 Things You Need to Know About Dental Health and Pregnancy

#1 Pregnancy causes hormonal changes, which can increase your risk for gum disease.

#2 Keep your regular dental check-ups and cleanings during pregnancy. Let your dentist and hygienist know that you are pregnant.

#3 Let your dentist know any medications, prenatal vitamins, or supplements you are taking. This might impact your dental plan.

#4 Dental X-rays are safe and can be done during pregnancy. If you have any concerns, talk to your medical and dental provider.

#5 Follow good oral hygiene practices during pregnancy. If you notice any unusual bleeding or swelling, let your dentist know.

#6 About 10% of pregnant women will develop a granuloma—a red lump on the gum line. While these can cause discomfort, they will disappear after the baby is born. Talk with your dentist if it is painful or making it difficult to eat.

Pregnancy usually means extra visits to the doctor. But, don’t give up those regular visits to the dentist; they are important too! Tennessee Family Doulas is ready to help you through all the seasons, discomforts, and new territory of pregnancy. Contact us today!


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