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What Nashville Moms Say About Birth (uncensored)

It’s no secret. It’s going to hurt. There we said it.

But, how bad? For how long?

It's #worlddoulaweek and we will be writing all week about some of the most common questions, misconceptions, and interesting facts that we come across day to day as a Doula!

One of the most common questions we get during our childbirth classes is HOW BAD IS IT GOING TO HURT?!

We've all seen the movies where the woman is screaming, yelling at her husband, everyone is running around all hectic, and it basically looks terrifying...but is that real life?

We asked a group of Nashville moms to describe natural childbirth in their own words and this is what a few of them had to say.

“I explained mine as- pain with a purpose. It’s totally different than any other pain- because the reward at the end is the goal. It hurts- yeah. But honestly after holding my sweet girl- I forgot all the pain. It’s kind of like amnesia!...Then followed by extreme hunger and the best nap ever!” -Abby

“Out of body but totally in tune experience. It’s so intense because you feel everything. All your focus is on what your body is doing but at the same time you almost feel as if you’re watching yourself go through it. It’s so painful but then it’s over and you kind of have a WTF just happened moment once you’re holding your baby.” - Amber

“Once you make it through the ring of fire (yes this is a real thing) and as soon as the shoulders make their way through, the pain immediately goes away like it was never there. I honestly don’t even remember the level of pain or how intense it was now! I would do it (unmedicated) with any other birth I ever had . ”- Kenya

“Completely primal. I would consider myself a prude, but ended up butt naked making tribal moaning sounds through each contraction. I was completely aware of every pain, and yet in a complete different world than the one ones my team (husband, midwife, doula) were in. ”- Melissa

“Natural childbirth feels like menstrual cramps from hell along with taking the biggest poop known to man with a LOT of burning around your girly parts! Like it’s on fire! But a positive is you get a quick break between contractions. Felt like I ran a marathon after it all was said and done.”- Heather

So there you have it!

Of course, in the end, it’s all worth it!

Thanks again to all of the moms who shared their viewpoint on birth. Of course, everyone's experience and birth journey is different...that's what makes it exciting!

While birth can feel painful during parts, we are there to help provide a calm and comfortable environment for your body to perform the most amazing process it may ever go through.

If you want extra support during labor or postpartum, please contact Tennessee Family Doulas. We’d love to help your family during recovery and transitioning baby home. E-mail

Tennessee Family Doulas, located in Franklin, TN is a doula agency committed to creating calm and comfort for parents and newborns. From education to placenta encapsulation, our services are built to assist in all phases of birth and postpartum.


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