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Labor Support Customized for You

I am always amazed at how quick women are to share their birth story with others. It is such an intense, personal time. And, whether smooth or complicated, each birth is unique as each child.

Many women have an idea of how they would like the birth to go. Maybe it includes an epidural or the desire for a natural birth. And, of course, these plans can change leading up to or during labor and delivery.

At Tennessee Family Doulas, we are honored to come alongside women for labor support. Once you decide what is right for you, we are able to help you through labor and delivery.

The first step is to schedule a call with us.

After our initial phone call, your doula will come to your home for a free consultation. This meeting gives you a chance to meet, talk about any goals you have for your birth experience, and ask any questions you may have for your doula.

Once you sign a contract, you have 24/7 access to your doula. You can reach out with any questions or updates as your pregnancy progresses.

Your doula will also come to your home for 1 prenatal visit with you and your partner. At this meeting, you will review all your options, create a birth plan, and discuss comfort measures that can be used during labor to help reduce pain and stress.

​When labor begins and you are ready for support, call your doulas and she will come join you to offer physical and emotional support. Bringing all her knowledge and experience as well as her understanding of what you want, she will also help you navigate your options as you move through labor.

Labor is tough. As your body goes through extreme changes in a short amount of time, making it physically painful, emotionally draining, and overall exhausting. And, although the father is missing the physical pain of the actual birth, he is typically experiencing his own pain, discomfort, and confusion — wanting to be there for his partner but not sure how.

A labor doula can help both parties through the process. They assist by:

  • Massaging mom

  • Helping switch positions

  • Ensuring as much comfort as possible

  • Communicating needs and desires to the medical staff

  • Ensuring nutrition and hydration

  • Reassure dad and help him stay involved

  • Be the birthing coach, so dad can just be emotional support

Then, once the baby is born, she will stay to make sure you and your partner are settled into your room. She can assist with the baby's first latch, if desired. Once she goes, you can still reach out by phone or text with questions!

Your doula will come and visit you once you’re home with your baby. She will make sure you’re settling in well, and answer any questions that you may have about baby care, feeding, sleeping and recovery. You will have a chance to talk about your birth experience and to celebrate the amazing work you did!

We would love to connect with you and talk about Labor Support!



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