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Meal Delivery That Will Simplify Your Life

Whether you’re a brand new mama for the very first time, or you’ve got lot of young ones running around your house, you know the struggle of opening your fridge only to realize dinner options are scarce. When you’re a mom, there’s just so much to juggle! Thankfully, we live in a city full of delicious, no-hassle meal options for your family. We scoured the internet and weighed pros and cons to bring you some of the best!.

We’ve all heard of meal delivery kits like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, which deliver pre-packaged ingredients to your door weekly. Both of these services offer family-friendly plans - three dinners a week for four family members come in around $95. But did you know there are lots of healthy and fresh meal services right in your own neighborhood? Here are some of the Nashville meal kits we love.

Meel does it all - weekly dinner kits, a la carte options, and even grocery delivery! If you’re a foodie, this is a great option. They offer artisanal, seasonal ingredients that’ll have you feeling like a chef (with none of the grocery shopping!) in no time. In addition to weekly meal kits structured around four servings, Meal has a great selection of locally sourced grocery items, as well as pantry and farmstead boxes that feel like a CSA delivered to your doorstep. Pricing really depends on which options you select, but the menu is making our mouths water already.

Eat Well takes meal delivery to a new level, because everything they offer is already cooked! If you’re in an especially busy season or just hate the kitchen, this company might just be the answer. With family style offerings and kids’ plates, even the pickiest eaters in your family will be delighted. Three meals for a family of four will come in just under $100, and if that’s not your style, they also offer individually packaged meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that run between $6-11 per plate. Eat Well is all about nutrition, so rest assured you’ll be fueling your family with everything good.

If you’re looking for no-thinking-required meals on the table, Fresh Chefs has you covered. Each week, they offer three entrees, three sides, and bread for a family of four for just $79. Each item is pre-made and just needs to be heated and served, so it’s perfect for families on the go, especially those who value fresh ingredients and balanced meals.

If dinner is driving you crazy these days, we bet one of these options will have you breathing easier in no time. Let us know which service you pick - and happy eating!




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