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Pregnancy After 35

Pregnancy After 35

Yes, you can have a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies after 35. In fact, an April 2022 study showed that while in 1990 there were 31.5 births for every 1000 women between the ages 35-39 that that number rose to 52.72 births in 2019, reflecting increased fertility rates for women over the age of 35.

So, if you are having a baby after 35, you are in good company!

Advanced Maternal Age is the medical term applied to women who are over the age 35 during pregnancy. While you will receive much the same care and treatment as all pregnant women, you will be monitored more closely for certain complications that sometimes accompany pregnancy in older moms.

What Are the Potential Risks?

Naturally, there are risks associated with all pregnancies. If you fall into the “Advanced Maternal Age” category, your doctor or midwife will be monitoring you for certain of the conditions, including:

  • Preeclampsia

  • High blood pressure

  • Gestational diabetes

  • Premature birth or low birth rate

  • Miscarriage

  • Genetic anomalies

  • Need for Cesarean section

What Can I Do?

If you are over 35, you will want to be aware of signs or symptoms of the above conditions and, mostly, take care of yourself just as you would at any age: have regular prenatal care, take a prenatal vitamin that includes folic acid, exercise, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, eat a healthy diet (with lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains), and stay within a healthy weight range.

What Are the Potential Benefits?

Know that there are also perks to being an “older” parent! First, the wisdom that comes with age will transfer to your parenting. Also, you will likely be more financially stable, which can reduce some of the stress of growing your family. And, you will have the benefit of watching friends go through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and raising kids before you—a preview to help you make good choices about your own pregnancy and parenting journey.

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