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The Best Job In The World

Tennessee Family Doulas Training
Certified Doula Training | Tennessee Family Doulas

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

We believe being a doula is the best job in the world.

Ironically, being a doula is literally all about helping someone else, but many doulas will attest that they are also doulas because of the way it makes them feel.

You see, not just anyone can meet a perfect stranger, get to know them, become a part of their family, and create the best possible environment for them before, during, and after birth.

This is a special gift that only doulas provide...and doulas LOVE it!

Doulas are givers. They give their time, their energy, and their attention to a family at one of their most exciting (and sometimes scary) transitions in life, but what they give, they get back in full!

“My job is to create a calm and comfortable experience for new parents and their newborns,” says Tanya Grabbe, owner of Tennessee Family Doulas. “It’s what I love about being a doula, bringing a feeling of peace to a family before and after the birth of their baby.”

We have the best job in the world because we get to introduce couples to the other best job in the world, being a parent.

Do you want to have the best job in the world, too?

Doulas are always in demand. Get properly certified!

We are hosting a training April 8-9th. Click Here To Join Us!

Tennessee Family Doulas, located in Franklin, TN is a doula agency committed to creating calm and comfort for parents and newborns. From education to placenta encapsulation, our services are built to assist in all phases of birth and postpartum.



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