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7 Things You Need to Know About Postpartum Hair Loss

7 Things You Need to Know About Postpartum Hair Loss

“Um, when did I get bangs?”

I asked myself this question about 10 months after my son was born when I noticed some short, wispy hairs all along my hairline. Of course, someone hadn’t given me a secret haircut when I wasn’t looking; it was the opposite. The hair I had lost after he was born was growing back in!

Hair loss is (another) completely normal postpartum experience for women.

Let’s look at 7 things you need to know about postpartum hair loss:

#1 In the final trimester of pregnancy, estrogen levels rise and you may shed less than your usual 100 hairs a day. Your hair may seem fuller during these months.

#2 A few months after your baby is born, your estrogen levels return to normal and you will begin to shed the excess hair.

#3 While some women don’t notice much hair loss, others see more shedding on their hairbrush, pillow, clothing, or in the shower.

#4 There is no treatment, but dermatologists suggest avoiding heavy conditioners and conditioning shampoos during this time. Instead, use volumizing shampoos and conditioners formulated for fine hair.

#5 Be gentle with your hair when washing or brushing. Also, use a low setting on blow dryers and styling irons and avoid tight ponytails or braids.

#6 Consider a new, shorter hair style. It will add volume (and many moms think shorter hair is easier to take care of with a new baby).

#7 Remember, this is temporary! Your hair should grow back by your baby’s first birthday.

We know it is reassuring to have an expert, like the team at Tennessee Family Doulas, to call with all your “Is this normal?” questions. Your doula is especially trained to answer all your prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum questions! Schedule your call with us today!


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