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What's in Your Birth Plan?

What’s in Your Birth Plan?

You’ve visited the doctor, met with the midwife, and probably started researching all aspects of labor, delivery, and life with a newborn. You might be excited. You might be terrified. It might be the day you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl. It might be an unexpected surprise.

Our team at Tennessee Family Doulas understands the importance of having the birth experience that you want. We support you in what you decide is right for you. Whether that includes an epidural, a surgical birth or the awareness of every contraction and feeling the sensation of your baby moving through your birth canal, we know how to support you.

One thing that we think is essential and would love to help you create is a Birth Plan to allow you to express your desires and get everyone involved on the same page.

What Do You Put in Your Birth Plan?

During your prenatal visit, your doula will help you create a birth plan, review any options that you have questions about, and discuss comfort measures that can be used during labor to help reduce pain and stress.

You can include any important items from medical history. Here are some other things you might include in your birth plan:

  • Who would you like to be with you during labor?

  • Would you like music to be playing?

  • What positions would you like to use during labor?

  • What type of pain relief do you prefer during labor?

  • How would you like to deliver the placenta?

  • Will you be doing placenta encapsulation?

  • What are your preferences for skin-to-skin time, delaying the cord clamping, and feeding your baby after birth?

  • Do you want your baby to have Vitamin K injections?

  • Any other preferences or information?

​Once you have your birth plan ready, share it with your partner and medical team. You can also have copies on hand at the time of labor and delivery.

Remember, even with your plan in hand, being flexible is important. You may have to do things differently based on how labor and delivery progress. And, of course, you can change your mind about any of these things at any time.

We would love to answer all your prenatal, labor, and delivery questions! And, we are experts at helping momma-to-be craft the perfect birth plan. Reach out today!


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