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The Best Stroller Friendly Spots in Nashville This Spring

Harlingsdale Farm
The Park At Harlingsdale Farm | Photo Credit Trip Advisor

Take in nature and soak up the sun!

Spring has finally sprung here in Nashville! It’s been a long (and weirdly, very rainy) winter, but now is the perfect time to get out and about with your little one. Nashville may not be known for being a walkable city, but we have lots of walking trails that are hidden gems to burn some calories, take in nature, and soak up the sun.

If you live on the East Side, Shelby Bottoms is the spot to be. A gorgeous paved greenway that runs beside the river, it’s an oasis tucked right in the heart of town. Strollers are allowed, of course, and leashed pets are, too! There’s even a nature center at the trailhead that offers fun information about local plants and animals, as well as some of Nashville’s history - a fun learning spot for kids of any age.

Centennial Park is one of the hotspots of Davidson County, and for good reason, too! Beautiful trees bloom in the spring, the Parthenon stands as a Nashville staple, and there’s a calm little lake in the middle of it all. With lots of free parking and easy-to-walk roads, this centrally-located spot is perfect for a quick workout with your little one.

If you’d like to grab coffee or duck into some local shops while you walk, visit 12 South! Old favorites like Frothy Monkey and new spots like Christie Cookie make it a perfect snack and sip location, and boutiques like Vinnie Louise and Madewell are fun for retail therapy. At the end of the stretch, you can relax in Sevier Park while your kids enjoy the community playground.

For Williamson County mamas, we love The Park at Harlinsdale Farm. This area is steeped in history, and you can take in some of Franklin’s past while enjoying a walk, a hike, or even a few minutes at the dog park! With a stunning horse stable as its centerpiece, you may even get to see a few neighing friends in the pasture, which will definitely delight your little ones.

If you’re willing to drop a few dollars, the Nashville Zoo is one of our favorite picks. The layout of our zoo is actually gorgeous, and it’s such a great place to explore as your little ones take in animals from all over the world. It’s a long walk if you hit every exhibit, but there are lots of shady spots to rest, as well as a few indoor buildings if you need a break from the sun!

We’re lucky to live in a city with so many great walking options. Where you do you think you’ll find yourself on the next sunny day?


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