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Calming the Storm

Let's face it, having a baby can be a whirlwind of chaos.

From the uncertainties of the labor and delivery process to settling in to those first few weeks postpartum, the new parent process can be a stressful one. Luckily the craziness of introducing a new baby to your family doesn't have to fly through your home like a tornado.

With the right support system in place, you can help calm the pandemonium.

Having a new baby is a physically and emotionally strenuous process and the added stress on a recovering mother can really impact their mental health. Having a doula can help take the pressure off a new mom to balance her recovery and baby care. Constant support from labor to postpartum also dramatically reduce the symptoms and risks of postpartum depression and anxiety.

Labor Doula Support

Going into labor can feel really overwhelming, even as an experienced parent.

When you team up with a labor doula for your birth, she's ready and waiting alongside you for the big day to arrive. You'll feel secure heading to the hospital or birth center with a plan in place that you've created with your birth team and aware of what to expect with the first few stages of labor.

As you progress closer to your baby's big arrival, your doula is there to comfort your whole family through the process. She's calming you with targeted comfort measures and keeping you informed and empowered along the way. Your doula works alongside your partner to provide the physical and emotional support you need to engage your body for birth, self soothe and relax. This support is an important element in all birthing styles from natural to cesarean and beyond.

Postpartum Doula Support

Once you return home with your new bundle of joy, the first few weeks settling down with your new baby can feel like a whirlwind of emotions. Housework doesn't come to a halt with your new responsibilities as a parent and having some extra support at home with different tasks can be a big sigh of relief for new parents. With your doula's help at home, you can acclimate to feeding schedules and basic baby care while still having time to focus on your recovery from birth.

Mothers who transition through this often stressful new chapter with continuous and bias-free support, postpartum depression and anxiety is managed or deterred entirely. Parents are empowered to feel more confident and in control of their parenting experience within the support of a birth and postpartum expert to help them fill in the gaps and give them the education they need to fulfill their breastfeeding and parenting goals.

Birth doesn't need to feel overwhelming.

Doula care is always customized to the individual needs of the birth family, offering an incredible helping hand to new and expectant families. Having a doula team in place for your baby's birth promotes a more comfortable birth and postpartum experience with specialized emotional and physical support for your whole family. Reach out to us today to ensure you have the support you need through this life-changing experience.


Tennessee Family Doulas, located in Franklin, TN is a doula agency committed to creating calm and comfort for parents and newborns. From education to placenta encapsulation, our services are built to assist in all phases of birth and postpartum.


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