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Christmas Wish List for Baby

Here are some of our favorite toys for newborns!

Soft and cuddly, a lovey is a combination blanket-stuffed animal-comfort toy and sweet gift for babies. The Bump recommends these great ones!

Sophie the Giraffe has been a favorite toy/teether since 1961! You can find them at most retailers or their website.

Jellycat are the softest stuffed animals on the planet! They come in a variety of animals. It’s hard to pick a favorite: Rain Frog? Bunny? Classic Bear? (They even have a Snow Dragon, Christmas animals, and personalization available.)

Babies love to see babies so Mirror Toys are awesome! We like this one from Baby Einstein.

You can’t go wrong with wooden or plastic Rattles! My kids loved the special ones from Haba—and the cheap ones from the grocery store.

Play Mats are a great grow-with-me toy for floor time. Bright Starts is a favorite.

Soft books and Board books made a great gift for newborns. They like to look at the picture, listen to the story AND chew on the corners! Baby List has a curated list of soft books. Personally, I think every newborn should have a board book version of Goodnight Gorilla; Red Hat, Green Hat; Mr. Brown Can Moo; The Napping House; and Goodnight, Moon in her library.

It will be a few months before your newborn can use a Sit to Stand Walker, but it is a great investment early on! Choose a neutral one from Crate and Barrel or a brighter one from Vtech (at one time, we owned two of these—HA!).

Finally, don’t forget the Classic toys you grew up with—a shape sorter, stacking cups, car keys, and ring stacker!

It’s never too soon for toys. The best toys are ones that can be used at different ages and in different ways.

Of course, make sure each toy is safe and your baby is safe playing with them. Rather than leave a toy in the crib, use them during tummy time or as another great way to interact with your baby.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays from Tennessee Family Doulas to You!


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